Behavior Choices

Students are expected to come to class each day ready to learn and actively participate across the day.  We encourage students to follow the Stallion Expectations:
Be safe
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Cooperative
and Always Do Your Best!
When students follow these expectations, teachers, and other students notice! Students receive star cards for showing stallion expectations.  They can save these star cards for special prizes or privileges.  (Each classroom has different ideas of what to do with these star cards!)  In our class, we trade in star cards for prizes or privileges on Tuedays and Thursdays.
 Every few weeks, we have a school-wide assembly to recognize students across the school who have shown exceptional Star Stallion Expectations.  Each teacher may nominate 2 students who have shown these expectations. They will be recognized at the assembly.
If students are having difficulty following our expectations, they will receive a reminder of what is expected.  If necessary, a verbal warning telling the child that a tally will be given happens next.  After that, I will have the student write a tally in his/her planner with a quick note.  The student will be expected to explain with details what happened when he/she gets home. The student will also fill out a section in the behavior binder and they will record what they need to practice on to fix the behavior. I will not give a second warning for an old expectation such as:  listen while instructions are being given or work during work time.
Please understand that most third-grade tally incidents are very typical for students this age.  If there is ever a time where a student’s actions require more of my attention or are a serious concern, I’ll email or call you so you understand the details that I have gathered.  I don’t email or call for all tallies since many times the tally is a natural consequence that clears up the behavior. Please do not add additional consequences at home for an infrequent tally.  Should you see an increase in tallies or multiple tallies in one week, I would appreciate your help at home and may contact you so that we can see if the are additional circumstances causing this unusual behavior.
In addition, students will run laps at recess if warnings are given throughout the day. This is a time for reflection.
If a student is frequently keeping him/herself or others from learning; or is interrupting my job of teaching, I will ask for a conference.  Some students need a more individualized plan to meet goals and stay focused on work.  I try very hard to meet the needs of each student and provide a positive learning environment for everyone in our classroom.   I will do everything within my power to make each day positive and full of learning  because that makes school fun for everyone including me!

FYI, Students who fight or become physical in some way, curse, or break other established school rules can receive an immediate office referral.